Student Voice

Flipgrid Privacy Principles

Our mission of promoting student voice includes protecting student privacy and safety by giving teachers full control of how student information is shared.

We are COPPA and FERPA compliant

Flipgrid is fully compliant with these important laws so it’s safe to use with students at school and individuals under 13.

All student content is private by default

Every grid is a private learning community. Teachers control what is shared on the grid and where the grid is shared.

We don’t sell any user data

Flipgrid will never advertise to students and we will never sell or rent user data for any reason.

Flipgrid is ADA Compliant

We strive to provide our users a voice in their learning community no matter how they can participate. With features like auto-transcription and keyboard navigation, Flipgrid meets WCAG 2.0 level AA guidelines.

Teachers and schools own the content

Flipgrid does not own the content. Teachers have complete control over which videos are visible and are the only ones who can download or delete content.

Teachers control the conversation

Flipgrid provides additional security features with password restrictions, moderated videos, and other privacy settings. The teacher controls everything that happens on the grid.

We protect your information

We use security industry best practices and routinely monitor our systems to protect you.

We are transparent

Flipgrid is open about our policies & practices. If anything ever changes, we will immediately notify you.